Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights, Energy Efficient Night Lamp for Bedroom, Baby Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairway, 2 Pack

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  • default - Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights, Energy Efficient Night Lamp for Bedroom, Baby Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairway, 2 Pack
    Dimmable Adjustable Dusk to Dawn Plug-In LED Night Lights by Maz-Tek Review
  • default - Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights, Energy Efficient Night Lamp for Bedroom, Baby Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairway, 2 Pack
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Amazon Price: $13.99 $13.99 (as of September 25, 2018 12:28 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Tired of kicking at the wall at night when going to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway or stairways?
Realized that the room lights are too harsh for your families when sleeping?
Looking for a smart, practical and energy-saving night light to help ease your kids' fear of darkness?
DON'T WORRY! This Led lamp is designed to solve these problems. With dusk to dawn sensor, it turns on at dark area automatically to emits gentle light that is bright enough to see the path and turns off when the area is bright enough. So you don't need to turn on room lights when going to bathroom or other places at night.
In addition, except for warm white, this night light can also be transferred from 8 other colors in order smoothly or you can just set it in your kids' favorite color to pacify your kids at night.

•Bulb Type: LED
•Sensor Type: Light Sensor
•Input Voltage: AC 110V
•Material: ABS/PC
•Lifespan: 20,000 hours
•Light Color: Warm White or RGB colors

2 X LED Night Light
1 X User Manual

When plugged into the offset outlet, this night light will have a color calibration among red, green, blue and warm white first before cycling from all 8 colors.

1. Plug the night light to socket and shift the bottom switch to left or right (left for warm white light, right for 8-color cycling mode), then this night light will be turn on in darkness.
2. When on color cycling mode, press the side button to set color and press again for color cycling.
3. Turn off automatically at dawn, or turn off manually by shifting the bottom switch to middle.

Customer Reviews

Great Night Lights

 on March 2, 2018
By Brad A. Parke
Ordered these night lights for my 2yo son’s room. The brightness level is perfect for what I wanted; bright enough to be able to see in the room but not so bright that it would keep him awake at night. The color changing mode is really nice and it’s cool that there’s a button on the side to lock in a certain color if you want to. My only complaint is that like many other reviewers noted, the fixed white color light flickers. It’s not enough to be a serious problem, but if you look at it closely it is noticeable.

nice little night light

 on November 29, 2017
By Sherri brown
These are nice little lights, perfect for the bathroom. I love night lights that automatically come on when the room is dark. they are great for kids who are a little scared of the dark for their bedrooms. I especially like them in our living spaces. They blend in well with out being obviously there. And when I am truing out all the lights for the night I don’t have to walk through the house in the dark hoping to not step on a stray lego!

… in a 2 pack and work well My boys enjoy the various colors I like that they automatically come …

 on December 5, 2017
I bought these for our hallways

Really happy with these lights

 on January 20, 2018
By Mom in MT
As my daughter has gotten older, she has wanted less and less of a night light in her room. I got this night light to replace a soft lamp and it really does the trick! The white light is brighter than the colored lights, but she likes seeing them change color. They turn on and off as the light in the room increases and decreases. Exactly as I had hoped, and the two pack allowed us to have one in the hallway too, for night time potty visits! A great deal!

my daughter loves this rainbow nightlight in her room. …

 on November 21, 2017
By Vicky
my daughter loves this rainbow nightlight in her room. it can stay on just white light or a solid color but she likesaid that in can be a rainbow also. and it’s a 2 pack for the price of 1!

Pretty adjustable for your preference

 on May 25, 2018
By PridefulWiccan
I love these little lights! I got them for my sons bedroom and for our front room so that if he woke up in the middle of the night he could easily see his way to my bedroom door. The white is a liiiiiiittle bright, but my son sleeps just fine with the white on. Plus if the white is too bright you can do one of the colors. Some are just as bright as the white (like the yellow) while others are much darker (like the red) and if you pause them on different colors you can find a brightness that works for you. Or just have it cycle through all the colors.

A great buy

 on December 4, 2017
These are great electroluminetemporary scent panels. We purchased this for our bathroom where we don’t need to be blinded during ‘overnight’ visits . We have tried all of the colors and the blue, green, and red all worked quite well. We elected to use the soft-white color. It provided enough light to see around the bathroom, and not too bright to cause any temporary night blindness and make walking back into the bedroom risky.

Perfect when low light is the goal — adjustable colors a big plus

 on March 23, 2018
By Artemesia
We like to have a nightlight in the bathroom that will not wake us up so completely that we will have trouble going back to sleep. This nightlight is perfect. It is very low light, but in the dark of night, it is plenty to adequately illuminate the room. The adjustability from plain white, to shifting rainbow, to one selected hue is perfect. As a bonus there were two in the pack and my young grandchild is delighted to have one in our guest room that rotates through the colors of the rainbow.

Got this model for the color selection… …

 on January 16, 2018
By Jeffrey H. Davis
Got this model for the color selection….so far using the blue color, which provide ample light in our stairway at night when it is dark. Interestingly, people have noted in their reviews that the light is not dark enough…I would kindly suggest that they need to assess the amount of light produced by the night light when it is truly dark….if it’s still not enough light, you’re going blind!

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